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Providing Quality International Education & Training for the Holistic Development of Students

Graduate school of management is the leading tertiary institution focused on offering professional international course and facilitating global exchange programs for the advancement and holistic development of students.

Our Mission

Our mission to serve students and enhance the holistic development of students, offering them access to both local and internation courses to develop their careers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be best platform that helps students to study, improve and enhance their professional careers by offering top-notch courses.

Our Core Values

Graduate School of Management operates under the core values of quality education, excellence, intelligence and application of knowledge.

Graduate School of Management

Why Choose Us?

We focus on ensuring we offer students much more than education for the holistic development of their personal, career and professional lives. 

Professional Programs

We offer students professional courses and programs to enhance their careers.

Global Exchange Programs

We work with a network of educational institutions in Europe to help further your education.

Land Top-Notch Jobs

Students acquire education, learn skills and develop professional insights to land top-notch jobs.

Trusted & Accredited Certificates

We offer courses, education and training programs accredited in Ghana.

Our Top Programs & Courses

Mathematical training, consulting, literacy and advocacy programs for schools, institutions and individuals.


Diploma in Accounting

Gain a prestigious diploma in accounting to quick start your career and develop experience in teh accounts and business field.

Graduate School of Management

Diploma in Business Management

Business Management courses for local business people and student looking to gain fundamental insights in business administration and management.

Graduate School of Management

Bsc. Human Resource Management

Become an hiring management with key knowledge, insight and information in the HR industry to hire the best people and leverage their potential to boost company output.


Bsc. Marketing

We provide students with knowledge, and education the fundamentals of marketing and developing marketing campaigns for local and international organizations.


Bsc. Banking & Finance

Start working in the banking and insurance industry by gaining a degree in banking and finance. Learn the principles of banking and how to work in today's ever changing business climate.


Diploma in Leadership

Upgrade and improve your leadership knowledge through our diploma programs designed to help leaders to enhance, become better and develop the skills for today's organizations.

Graduate School of Management

Learn professional courses, skills and boost your career profile today:

  • International Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • International Trade & Policy
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Economics

Learn IT and technology knowledge to give you leverage in your career today. 

  • Computer Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineering
  • Information Science

Learn IT and technology knowledge to give you leverage in your career today. 

  • Civil Engineering
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Property Management 

School, Staff & Management

At the Graduate School of Management, we take pride in the education and training of our students.

Therefore, we bring in top-notch lecturers, teachers and trainers who also have expert knowledge on their field of study to offer students the best. We also work with our international partners to give students the best of the best. 

Graduate School of Management

Enroll, Learn and Achieve Your Career Dreams

Enroll, take courses, join our local and international students to start advancing your career and professional life today. 

Our Partners: Accredited by National Acreditation Board & Affiliated to Institute of Commercial Management, UK (ICM-UK)
About Graduate School of Management
About Graduate School of Management